The new building is emerging

Here is a photograph of the ground floor structure of the new building. The wood used is quite special. It is made out of lots of sheets of wood that have been heated and squashed together to make a nonporous, waterproof, material. This is fortunate as it has had to withstand quite a bit of rain in the last week!

The next stage is for the first floor to be added and then the roof – most of which, due to the height, will be viewable from outside the purple hoardings.


Floor plans become reality

Ms Papas, Ms Read, Attie and I were at the school expansion site office for a meeting on Friday. It gave us the chance to see the further work that has happened on site.

The first photo below shows the base of the new building with the lines for the walls set out so that it looks like an enormous architectural drawing. The second shows the base of the artificial sports pitch which is in the process of being dug out and levelled.



The new building has a base

One of our year 4 classes came onto the building site a few weeks ago in order to see some concrete being poured into the foundations. This job has now been completed so the new building has a solid and stable base on which it can be constructed (see before and after photos below).

The next phase of the build will begin in early November when the frame of the building will be put up. I will make sure that I get in there in order to take some photos.



Quartz class learn about foundations

The children from Quartz class had a look behind the hoardings of the school expansion project this morning.

Wilmot Dixon, the contractors, had mentioned that they were pouring the concrete foundations today and wondered if any children might be interested. Quartz class were very sensible when they made their way to the viewing gallery to speak with Graham (the Project Manager) and have a look at the machinery in action.

Graham spoke with the children about what makes up the concrete. He had to field a volley of questions – including an obvious, but slightly tricky, one asking how and why the wet concrete sets dry. He did a great job with his answer and the children, and adults, went away happy and better informed about construction.

Here are some photos.

The plans

Here is an image take from the architectural plans for the school expansion project. This plan is drawn as if the building is viewed from above (sometimes called a bird’s eye view) and you can see how the new (yellow) building will fit onto the existing (grey) structure.

One thing that you don’t see on this plan is the current year 1 building. That is because this is a temporary building which will be removed from the site once the new building is in place. The area this building is currently on will then be made into a partly covered play space.

Screenshot 2016-10-30 11.20.42.png